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Why Autumn Means Beefing Up Home Security

Plenty of people have their own home security systems in West Sussex because they know they could be the victim of an attempted burglary at any time.

That’s not because there is someone looking to break in every day, but because it is usually only a matter of time before any home gains the attention of thieves, especially if it is clear it lacks protection.

With autumn now upon us and the equinox just days away, the dangers will get greater as thieves look to make the most of the darkness to sneak around. This is why it is critical to make sure you have the right security in place, or you will be at risk this autumn and winter.

Good lighting is the first and most obvious way to deter thieves. If they can’t sneak around without being illuminated, they will soon decide they should try elsewhere.

Cameras can add an extra layer to this visibility. When they are on place the potential thieves can be spotted, which means they may be identified and arrested even if they don’t actually manage to accomplish a break-in.

This combination will deter nearly every burglar and make them far more likely to look elsewhere. It will also protect against anti-social behaviour, which can occur at any time but in autumn is associated with Halloween and people acting recklessly with fireworks.

You should also take some extra steps to protect the security of your external buildings. While these can be at risk in summer when there is high demand for garden tools, in winter it is once again darkness that provides the criminals with the cover they need to try to break in, so make sure they are secured and covered by your cameras and lights.

With such measures in place, you will greatly increase your chances of getting through to next spring without any nasty experiences from burglars.

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