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Tips To Help Choose A Home Security System

When it comes to putting a home security system in place, it seems that the range of packages and products grows every month, and it can be hard to know where to start. Here are important points to consider if you are installing or upgrading a home security system this year.

Homes in urban areas are more likely to be a target

You might assume that homes in remote rural locations are the primary target of burglars, because it is easier to carry out a break-in without being spotted.

However, according to the latest statistics from the UK Government, rural areas have the lowest rate of residential burglary offences, at 2.9 per 1,000 households, compared with 16.3 recorded in urban or suburban areas. Of course, there are also regional variations in crime levels to take into account before you decide on what level of security you need.

Basic bells-only alarms

This is the most cost-effective alarm you can buy, starting at around £100. However, while they may unsettle an intruder, many people have become immune to the sound of alarms, particularly in urban areas where they go off frequently, and it is unlikely anyone will call the police. The intruder may also quickly work out how to disable the alarm.

Smart security systems

A smart system means one that is linked to your wi-fi, and can be integrated with a whole range of apps. For example, you could link it with security cameras which allow you to monitor your home remotely. If the alarm is triggered, you will be notified via an app on your phone, and the police will either automatically be notified, or you can call them.

Monitoring contracts

For an extra level of security, you could outsource the monitoring of your home to a third party, who will notify you or your key contacts if the alarm goes off, or call the police on your behalf. Some firms will also offer a maintenance contract for peace of mind.

For security systems in Worthing, talk to us today.

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