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How Blockchain Can Be Used To Enhance Home Security

Blockchain has become a hot topic at the moment, with huge debates forming over its two most popular uses; cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

However, the blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium run on could potentially use to enhance security systems, primarily by enhancing the authorisation required to view footage or records of sensors.

Typically, with internet of things (IoT) based security cameras, you log in to a secure website or app that lets you check your different camera feeds at any time. However, these are only as safe as the password used for the device.

One potential solution that blockchain provides to this is that can provide a decentralised system to access camera data that is encrypted end-to-end and decrypted on the device you use to access the camera information, with products using the IoTeX system winning CES awards.

Instead of a traditional username and password on an external service, users instead receive a secure blockchain private key, which is then used to authorise devices with a great deal of control provided on which devices are granted access to which pieces of footage for how long.

This means that whilst on competing systems such as Ring the footage will be owned and technically accessible by the manufacturer, the decentralised blockchain system means that the footage captured is owned and controlled by the owner of the security device.

In theory, at least, blockchain provides more robust protection of security data stored on the cloud, although a physical solution such as MicroSD cards will always be the safest option, and it is essential to protect that private key, as otherwise unauthorised access can be made.

With the blockchain security market so low at the moment it is difficult to know for sure how popular it will be, but given the growing awareness of the importance of digital and physical security, there is a chance this will change soon.

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