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Where Should You Place Home Security Cameras?

With home security being a growing priority for many people and many businesses, a growing number of people are installing a security camera system to allow them to spot potential intruders and protect themselves, their loved ones and their valuables.

However, much like any security tool, they need to optimally placed to have the most effect. Here are some of the most important places to place your security cameras.

Front Door

According to a break-in survey undertaken by InterNACHI, 81 per cent of burglars enter the home through the first floor, and 34 per cent enter through the front door, making a front door camera essential for stopping opportunistic intruders.

As well as this, a front door camera is easy to implement, with doorbell cameras even allowing you to identify people at the door before you answer.

First Floor Entrances

As well as the front door, 23 per cent of intruders enter through a ground-floor window and 22 per cent enter through a back door.

Increasing surveillance on your ground floor entrances will stop the vast majority of burglary attempts, with just 2 per cent of burglars attempting to climb in through a first or second-floor window, and only 4 per cent entering through the basement.

Above Doors and Windows

Your viewing angle is important to avoid blind sports for your cameras, so place your cameras above the door or window frame of any entrance, so that they can see a few feet ahead of the opening and detect suspicious activity.

Make sure any outside cameras are waterproof and fitted with a night-vision setting.

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