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Top Tips To Upgrade Your Home Security On a Budget

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Smart security systems have increased in both capability and popularity over the last few years, as the increased abilities of modern wireless technology and integration into smart devices has improved their versatility, scalability and affordability.

However, there are creative and affordable ways to immediately boost your home security on a small budget that can help halt most casual burglars in their tracks.

Faraday Cage For Keyless Cars

A modern security nightmare is the rise of cars that have keyless entry. They are prone to a type of theft known as relay theft where a signal booster or signal relay is used to confuse the car and pretend the key is closer than it is, allowing the thief to simply enter and drive the car away.

A way around this is by buying a faraday box or bag, that blocks signals from exiting it through the use of a faraday cage. They can be bought for less than £10, are designed with key fobs and mobile phones in mind, and once closed stop any communications.

Door and Window Alarms

For most people, the points of entry that burglars will try first are the doors, ground floor windows and any upstairs windows that can be quickly accessed.

The most basic door and window alarms can be bought for as little as £5 and are loud enough to act as a deterrent for most opportunistic smash and grab thieves.

Buy A Safe And Hide It Well

Safes have existed since Ancient Egypt, and have had fixed lug locking systems since Ancient Rome. The reason for this is that safes are very effective at protecting valuables so long as the combination is not easily guessable and the safe is not easily found or removable.

We hope these three simple tips will help even the tightest budget. If you'd like to discuss your existing set-up with us or find out more about getting something installed, please give us a shout.

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