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Top Home Security Trends This Autumn

The home security world has seen several shifts this year, first to accommodate a growing number of people spending the majority of their time at home, and then again to embrace the burgeoning hybrid world many people are stepping back into.

As a result, more people are aware of the need for effective security systems and with that in mind, here are some of the biggest trends in home security we are likely to see this Autumn.

A Rise Of Flexible Systems

The Internet of Things has transformed the world of home security, especially with entry-level devices. It allows for people to easily install more comprehensive security systems without needing to rewire anything.

As these systems get increasingly sophisticated, they also become more flexible and adaptable to meet a growing number of needs, from protecting a home from intruders to watching over pets left at home alone during the day.

A Rise In AI

Modern security devices have a lot of extra technological advantages that create systems that a homeowner can manage from anywhere and can automatically provide effective security responses.

Machine learning can identify a familiar face or a package delivery, and can respond appropriately. Smart locks can unlock and disable a system to allow that package to be placed in the porch before locking everything again.

A fully integrated system could recognise a homeowner reaching the door, automatically unlocking and disengaging the system, whilst turning on the house lights and setting the temperature to an ideal level.

Necessity Vs Novelty

With so many new technological developments, there has also been a rise in reliance on professional installers to provide tailored security solutions to meet the needs of particular houses.

Many smart security devices have a lot of novel features, but it is important to focus on the core needs of a secure home first before considering smart home integration and features that are new and exciting but may not add extra security.

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