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Simple Ideas To Boost Your Home Security

Home security systems involve using complex and advanced technology in order to achieve the simple goal of protecting your home as effectively as possible.

Whilst installing a smart system including alarms, sensors and cameras is an effective way of deterring unprepared criminals; and gathering evidence of prepared ones, there are also simple steps you can take to protect your home.

Build A Fence

Whether it is a hedge, outdoor wall or tall fence, a barrier on the outside of your property is an effective deterrent to avoid intruders, as well as a way to enjoy more privacy in your home and help protect your neighbourhood at large.

Most burglaries are about opportunity; thieves know that they do not have a lot of time to break in, steal possessions and leave so they tend to avoid properties with fences as they would need to be scaled, taking time, making noise and risking detection.

Upgrade Your Locks

This may be required as part of your insurance, but by having your locks upgraded to BS3621 thief-resistant locks, you can slow down and in many cases stop burglars from picking or breaking the locks easily, forcing them to find other less time-consuming routes into your home.

They are often required by insurance companies and have been tested against drilling and picking, the two primary ways a burglar will break a lock.

Hide The Bin

Burglars are looking for easy points of entry and tend to opt for the front or back door and the first-floor windows as potential entry points.

However, if you have a house with a low roof area (such as a connected garage, conservatory or ground floor extension), make sure that bins, ladders and other tools, that can be used to climb up to the first floor, are not easily accessible.

As well as this, make sure that the first-floor windows are also appropriately secure.

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