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Keeping Your Home Safe Post Lockdown

One in four people have been burgled at some point in their lives, or know someone who has, which has pushed concerned Brits to spend an average of £531 on improving their home security, and a recent survey has found that one in 10 of us did so during the lockdown.

With all legal restrictions and lockdowns now lifted in England, and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland not far behind, many people will be eager to explore their newfound freedom, whether it’s to reengage with their social lives, go back to the office, or even get away on holiday.

However, it also means burglars will be going back to their workplaces, which could mean your home is at risk if you have not taken steps to ensure it’s secure while you go back to work, or jet off on holiday.

According to research by a smart home brand, just 42 per cent of Brits said they bought home security to give them general peace of mind, while 23 per cent said it felt sensible to do, although they weren’t sure if they would ever need them.

We have some tips to help keep your home secure from burglary:

1. Avoid posting your holiday pictures online until you’re back home.

2. If you must include them, be vague with your photo locations tags, it's not advisable to give specific locations, and that includes Instagram accounts for pets.

3. Do not post pictures of your home on social media, particularly with street names or house numbers in view.

4. If you go on holiday, ask a trusted friend to drop in now and then, switch lights on or off, and move any post for view.

5. Installing motion-sensor lights and floodlights will put burglars off.

If you’re looking for an Ajax alarm system installation, talk to us today.

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