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Keep Your Home Safe While You’re On Holiday

Updated: May 28, 2021

Going on holiday should be a relaxed affair, but aside from the ever-changing rules and guidelines concerning travelling during the pandemic and wanting to avoid quarantine on your return home, you also don’t need those niggling doubts about how secure your home is too.

Now that international flights and holidays have resumed in the UK, and people are swarming to their favourite European resorts again for long-awaited holidays after the lockdown, we have some tips to ensure your home is safe while you’re on holiday.

1. Try to make it look like you’re still at home

While you can get automatic timers that will switch on the same lights at 7 PM every day for a few hours, modern advanced timers and smart bulbs and sockets mean you can switch on random lights and appliances in different rooms at different times throughout the house to make it look less of a potential target.

2. Make friends with your neighbours

Bribe one of your friendly neighbours with some duty-free and ask them to pop into your home every couple of days to pick up the mail, open or close some curtains, and keep an eye on the place.

3. Cancel all your deliveries

Doorstep milk deliveries are largely a thing of the past, but if you receive a regular grocery, newspaper, or wine/beer delivery, or any other subscription package, make sure you delay it so it isn’t delivered while you’re away. Failed delivery notices and boxes piling up on your doorstep are a sure sign for thieves that your house is empty.

4. Lock everything

Not just the doors and windows, but the garage and shed, and put away any garden furniture, tools, or anything that could tempt thieves.

5. Don’t shout about it

Holiday photos on social media are a big clue to thieves, so save them for when you return instead of advertising that you’re out of the country.

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