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Is Smart Security Right For You?

At its core, home security systems are based on relatively simple principles. They are about safeguarding possible points of entry, surveilling potential burglars, raising the alarm and ensuring quick intervention before any harm can happen.

Smart security is the latest trend in home security that takes advantage of the Internet of Things, a technological advance that allows electronics to be connected to a network and remotely controlled by their user.

Without the limiting factor of wires, this means that ever more advanced cameras, sensors and alarms can be fitted in your home wherever they are needed, in a way that is easily scalable to your needs.

Here are some reasons smart security might be right for you.

Remote Locking

In 1982, a security revelation was fitted onto cars for the first time as the 1982 Renault Fuego became the first car to be fitted with a remote key fob and central locking.

This meant that you could lock and unlock the car without the key, a feature that has many more uses than one might expect.

Smart locks have a similar feature that allows the door to be locked and unlocked remotely, which allows for deliveries, housesitters and tradespeople can be allowed in as needed.

Interior Monitoring And Communication

Interior cameras before the advent of smart security needed to be wired in at a considerable expense, but smart cameras can simply be fitted and viewed on a connected mobile phone.

Whilst this has clear uses for gathering evidence and startling burglars, it can also be used to monitor pets and people who you have allowed into your home, even allowing for two-way communication.

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Through internal monitoring one can see all the things going on in the office. So, for that purpose installing smart security as well as surveillance systems is definitely a great idea. Call a locksmith and get it done asap.

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