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How To Carry Out A Security Audit At Your Place Of Business

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

With lockdown restrictions as a result of the pandemic seeing businesses of all shapes and sizes, and across all sectors, having to shut up shop for a few months, a growing number of break-ins were seen as criminals took advantage of premises being left vacant for weeks at a time.

Although lockdown restrictions have been eased somewhat around the country, there’s really no telling what the future holds and it may be that we find ourselves in another national lockdown at some point later down the line.

Carrying out a security audit of your business premises could be wise, in this case, so you can bring in all the necessary precautions to protect your site in the event that you have to leave it for a prolonged period of time once again.

To begin, you need to conduct a risk assessment of your business, reviewing it from top to bottom so you can identify every risk and uncover the weak areas in your security system.

Start with the entry points and identify potential places that burglars could choose to break in through, such as windows and doors. These should be monitored with both cameras and alarms, and make sure they’re visible so they act as an initial deterrent in the first place.

Make particular note of how adequate your existing security measures are, as well as the type and scale of any risks you’ve identified. And consider your local area, as well, taking into account the level of potential security risks you may face, as well as trends or patterns in criminal incidents.

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