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Celebrity Refuses ‘Video House Map For Burglars’

TV presenter Stacey Solomon has revealed she won’t be making a walk-through video of her new home, on the grounds that doing so might give burglars navigational clues that will lead them to anything they would want to steal.

According to the Daily Express, the Loose Women star has refused to make such a video despite it being the most popular request she has had from fans. Discussing the new home she shares with her fiancé and sons on her Instagram account, she said of the idea of making a video: “I'm scared it's a burglar's dream.”

She told her 4.4 million followers: “I think if they're going to come I'd like them to get lost and not know where they are then basically have a map.”

Many celebrities are targeted by thieves because of the substantial material rewards their fame brings them, but installing home security systems is a wise move for anyone whose property is attractive to burglars looking for something of great value to steal.

It is certainly advisable to take steps to prevent would-be intruders from finding out clues about your home that might make it easier to find their way around and make their way swiftly to the most valuable items.

While most people won’t post video tours of their home online - or be asked to on platforms with millions of followers - there are other dangers. This can include burglars carrying out reconnaissance while lurking in the garden to find out what they can spot through the windows. Outdoor lighting and cameras can help spot anyone doing this, as can cutting back on shrubs.

Stacey Solomon’s caution over her social media is just one way such platforms should be treated with care.

Others include being very careful not to advertise when you are likely to be away for extended periods of time, such as for a holiday.

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