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How Do Burglar Alarms Work

Some people may think their home security system is like the control panel of the Starship Enterprise, a confusing array of display screens, buttons, options and codes to remember, but while security system configurations differ from one to another, it’s essential to get a grasp on how they work to protect your home.

With over 380,000 burglaries recorded annually, according to Property Reporter, we wanted to look at the basic elements that make up a burglar alarm system to give you a better understanding of how they work.

The most basic of alarm systems will track a property’s perimeter for entry violations, such as opening a door. This is done by a sensor on the door which closes or opens a circuit when the door, or window, is opened.

The sensor is connected to the control panel, which when detecting a door or window sensor has been triggered, sounds an alarm. This may be an audible alarm, or it may alert any connected security service.

The control panel would typically have its own power supply, meaning that all the functions of the system still work if the power is cut to the home.

The alarm can be deactivated via the control panel by entering a PIN into the keypad or touchpad. It is vital to know where your alarm system control panel is located, and always ensure that you do not keep the PIN on display anywhere in your home, otherwise, a burglar may be able to deactivate it themselves.

While some alarm systems need to be physically wired to all the sensors in the home, there are many wireless systems where the sensors operate via radio frequency, or even WiFi or Bluetooth, and may even connect to an app on your smartphone.

The general purpose of an alarm is to initially give a prospective burglar doubt about the risks of breaking into a home, if they are aware that an alarm system is installed and enabled, and secondly to raise the alarm, and sound an audible alarm that will alert people in the area and scare away the burglar.

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By installing high security locks and surveillance systems one can restrict the entry of burglars. Also, if they don't have enough knowledge about which systems to pick for the home then it is advisable to contact a locksmith to help you out with it.

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