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Why Reviewing Home Security Is Important, Even In Lockdown

Given that you’re spending so much more time in your home than you would have done a year or two ago, it might be easy to feel complacent about your home security and feel that you’re protected because you’re there.

However, as an article for Property Reporter recently noted, we should still be taking the time to check in on our property’s security. The news provider shared figures showing that 356,000 homes were broken into in 2020, despite the periods of lockdown.

In fact, research conducted by found that 64 per cent of burglaries in England and Wales occur while the occupants of the property are at home, which means simply being in won’t necessarily be a deterrent to thieves.

Burglars also revealed that CCTV was the most effective deterrent for them, followed by the sound of a dog barking, security lights and fences, the publication added.

If you know that your home security is basic or outdated, explore the Ajax security systems available to give you peace of mind whether you’re at home or out and about.

As well as being an effective deterrent, security systems that include CCTV can also have other advantages, namely that you will typically pay lower insurance premiums and the fact that such systems now have such good quality footage that it can help police identify burglars should your property be broken into.

There are also certain parts of the country where you’re more prone to suffering from a burglary than others, as we revealed last year. London, Cleveland, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire were among the areas with the highest burglary rates in the country.

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