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Why Remote Working Makes Home Security More Important Than Ever

The previous year saw one of the biggest shifts in working habits in a generation, as a huge spike in the working population saw their home also become their workplace.

According to information sourced by the Office for National Statistics, 43 per cent of working adults have been working from home at some point over a seven day period, a number that has increased substantially at the start of 2021.

As a result, setting up an Ajax alarm system, motion detection sensors and a more substantial home security system has become more important than ever before. Here are some reasons why and tips on how to protect your business and your home assets.

Important Part Of Data Security

Data security is a hot topic in recent months as a result of so many people adopting remote working for the very first time, and whilst ensuring best infosec policies is exceptionally important, one of the first steps to strong digital security is strong physical security.

By ensuring your laptop, hard drives and other important stores of business information are safe, one potential avenue to breaching a security system is removed to potential data thieves.

Visible Security Systems Prevent Burglary Attempts

Peace of mind is a key reason to invest in a security system and whilst former office staff are spending a growing amount of time at home, the more conspicuous a security system the less likely burglars will attempt a break-in.

Given the clear and obvious consequences of getting caught, burglars are more likely to retreat from a home if they notice a home security system.

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