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What is Density Control

What is Density control?

In the current climate of social distancing requirements Iron Gate's density control solution allows you to monitor and control the amount of people allowed in an establishment at any given time making the internal environment more spacious and much safer for the people inside, the solution utilises existing IP based front and back end technology using a customised operating system which allows the counting information to be displayed on a friendly GUI from either the local monitor output or remotely using a PC or digital sign hardware. The technology has been implemented into several product lines allowing you to choose the most appropriate solution based on the amount of entrances/exits needing coverage from a single entrance up to a very large installation with many entrances/exits across several sites.

Email, for a brochure.

You can book online for sales person to attend and enplane how the system works.

Freeing up a member of staff from door duties the system will have paid for itself in less than 2 weeks. Book

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