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What Are The Best Ways To Boost Your Home Perimeter Security?

When it comes to securing our homes, most of us immediately think about applying additional devices to doors and windows. However, in order to make your home more fully secure, it’s best to deter potential burglars at the very outer boundaries as well. Here are some perimeter home security measures which will add that extra layer of protection.

1. Install a fence with lockable gates around your property

A gate security system will deter intruders before they even get near to your home, as most will be on the look out for quick wins rather than a difficult challenge.

2. Install motion sensor lights

Potential burglars will be immediately deterred by a bright light suddenly switching on as they approach. Motion sensor lights are also useful when you are returning to your property at night.

3. Don’t let an overgrown hedge hide your property

If your house is obscured from the road, this may be a temptation for intruders to commit a break in, as there is less chance of them being spotted. Don’t let overgrown shrubs and hedges provide cover for a thief. Also remember to tidy away garden tools and bikes into a garage or lockable shed, to deter thefts from outside of the property.

4. Install outdoor security cameras

Security cameras installed outside your home, by the gate as well as the doors, are a strong deterrent to intruders, and can also be linked to your doorbell or a gate access control system to allow you to identify callers.

The footage will also provide you with important evidence if you are the victim of a break-in. Many CCTV systems now allow for remote viewing, so you can keep an eye on your property even when you are on holiday.

5. Display warning signs

There’s no need to be discreet about your security systems; the more a potential burglar knows, the better. Display a clear sign warning about CCTV, alarms, motion sensors, and even your dog, if you have one that likes to bark at strangers!

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