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Tips For An Effective CCTV System Installation

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Once upon a time, you would only ever see CCTV systems in buildings such as banks, and over the years they have become much more commonplace and seen in shops, restaurants, and businesses, as well as the home.

As well as acting as a deterrent for opportunist thieves and intruders, they have been instrumental in helping people identify wrong-doers in all manner of offences. If you’re looking to take advantage of CCTV for your home or business we have some tips to consider.

Place cameras appropriately for the viewing area

Ideally, you will want to place your CCTV cameras in the optimal position to cover all the spaces you want to survey. Be aware of placing them on the corner of buildings where they may create blind spots, limiting their functionality.

Consider your lighting

The area they cover needs to have adequate lighting to be able to pick up identifying details, such as facial features. In areas where extra lighting is not appropriate, consider night vision capable CCTV.

Place CCTV cameras to monitor hidden entry points

Burglars typically use back windows, back doors and basement windows and doors to break in buildings. Your cameras should be positioned to view these areas.

Watch the front door

Burglars also use the front door to make entry, so install a camera to watch that area too, and also any incidents of mail or package theft.

Protect or hide your cables

Exposed cables can be easily severed, rendering your security measures useless. A professional CCTV installation will ensure cables are hidden or inaccessible.

Consider your video management, retrieval and storage

Your CCTV cameras gather information that you may need to access at a later date, so make sure you have a place for the data to be collected where it can be retrieved and reviewed should you need, whether that’s hard drive storage, or uploaded to the cloud.

Armed with the above tips and those answers, you should be well on the road to determining what your security camera system should look like. Talk to us today for more information.

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