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The Most Vulnerable Parts Of Your Home

Most home security advice is based on two different but incredibly important factors; protecting the most vulnerable parts of your home and making burglars aware that you have protected the most vulnerable parts of your home.

With burglaries on the rise again after a lull in the middle of last year, according to the Office for National Statistics, as well as a growing number of people returning to a workplace that is not their home, there is no better time than to think about your home security systems.

Here are the most vulnerable parts of your home and how to help bolster your security.

Front Door

A surprising amount of burglars will simply try the front door to break into a house, especially if it is recessed and can provide shadows and hiding areas for a would-be thief.

This can easily be solved by security cameras, better lighting at night, making the door more visible, and updating the locks to include a deadbolt. A burglar can only commit a small amount of time to breaking in to a house and so will stop if they are worried about getting caught.

Fitting the same to back and side doors will also help mitigate security issues.


The ground floor windows, as well as windows that can be reached by any ladder or step outside, are potentially vulnerable to intruders.

Fit strong locks to your windows that not only will slow a burglar down but also deter them if they spot them, and make sure to lock your windows at night, using a locking screen to allow air into the room if you want a breeze.


If your garage is connected to your house then make sure that garage windows and doors are also locked at night, with secure deadbolt locks.

The best way to stop burglaries is to protect the most vulnerable parts of your home, and if a burglar cannot seize an opportunity to quickly break in and steal items they are unlikely to take the risk.

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