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Police Warn Of Post-Lockdown Burglary Rise

The ending of almost all lockdown restrictions on July 19th could bring about a rise in the number of burglaries, Humberside Police has warned.

Normally it is wintertime that is most associated with burglaries, as thieves can sneak around unseen more easily in the dark and often target homes in the run-up to Christmas when gifts are left under the tree.

However, summer brings its own perils and with people having more opportunities to leave their home after July 19th, people may unwittingly provide ways in for crooks such as leaving windows open.

Detective Inspector Simon Vickers said: “Around a third of all burglaries are carried out by opportunist thieves getting in through an open window or door,” adding that there is often an “increase in sneak-in burglaries in the summer months”.

He listed a number of ways in which people can provide their homes with greater protection to reduce the risk of break-ins. This includes not just locking windows and doors, but also locking the front gate, fitting deterrents like movement sensor lights and avoiding advertising the fact you may be away on social media.

Of course, all this can be aided by the addition of home security systems, with alarms, cameras and lights providing a very powerful deterrent to thieves, many of whom will be able to spot they exist when it is light and decide it is a better idea to try elsewhere.

Another way of keeping a home safe is through applying more security in the garden.

The Metropolitan Police advises this as a measure with dual benefits. Not only does it reduce the chances of anyone breaking into a shed, garage or outhouse and stealing valuables such as bikes or garden tools, but it also prevents them accessing tools that they could use to force an entry to a home.

Often garden tools are vulnerable because householders leave them outside when it is dry.

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