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How To Effectively Monitor Your Smart Security System

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Smart security is the point where cybersecurity and physical security intersect, and when an effective smart security system is installed, it allows for peace of mind, safety and security irrespective of where you are.

The ability to manage an entire home security system using a smartphone or other small device has become popular, especially with younger homeowners. According to a Smart Home Week article, over a fifth of adults want to update their homes with smart security features such as cameras.

With great potential invariable leads to more to consider, so here are some tips to monitoring your smart security system effectively.

Choose Equipment To Fit Your Needs

The equipment we choose to add to our security system should fit the needs of each individual end-user, and they need to be able to communicate.

An Ajax alarm system, for example, requires motion sensors, cameras and other detection devices in order to effectively work to stop any intrusion, so make sure you factor what equipment you need when you make your purchase.

Also, check your intentions for their use. Are you planning to warn a potential intruder off, lock away important valuables or record evidence? These are worth considering when installing a system.

Placement is Key

Make sure you have security systems in place at vulnerable access points in your property. These can include outside doors, ground floor windows and roofs flat enough to stand on.

Furthermore, make sure your control panel is secure and out of sight, and your system to activate the alarm is either with you or hidden.

Cybersecurity Is Physical Security

With a smart system, there is an online connection to your security at least at some level, which means that your habits when managing cybersecurity can affect your physical security as well.

Make sure any passwords are not easily guessable and are not stored within easy reach of an intruder. Do not respond to “phishing” emails that try to get your security information under false pretences.

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