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Burglaries Increased By A Quarter In Last Four Years

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

National Home Security Month may have ended, but independent crime prevention organisation Crimestoppers have released data that shows that burglaries have increased by over a quarter since 2016.

According to research by Crimestoppers, as cited by the National Home Security Month website, they have received 26.8 per cent more reports in March 2020 than they did in April 2016, which increases the need for effective home security systems.

Here are some simple tips for improving your security and reducing the chances of burglaries.

Keep Doors And Windows Closed

As we spend an increasing amount of time at home due to the national lockdown, it can be tempting to leave a back door unlocked or a ground floor window open.

However, much like at night, make sure your doors and windows are closed, latched and locked, to make sure that a burglar cannot enter without you noticing.

Remove Easy Access To The Upper Floors

Wheelie bins, loose ladders and other pieces of garden furniture can be used by a burglar to climb up onto flat roofs, over locked gates and into second-floor windows.

Either chain them up or keep them out of reach of the pavement and make sure to bring them back in soon after the waste has been collected.

Wireless cameras, lights, alarms and smart door locks can be installed that not only will stop the first steps of a break-in and collect evidence but their presence alone may warn off a potential burglar.

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