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Arduino releases its Pro range

With a one stop shop and affordability being there thinking behind their new range of products, this includes all IOT projects which can be scalable if your small project goes big.

If you are an established company and feel you are being left behind to technology this is a great way to start the ball running, at an extremely low cost, with next to no knowledge, it would help if your organization had at least a basic knowledge of it/electronics or the savings could be lost with your staff retraining.

Having used Arduino's for many years and absolutely love the product to me it is a natural step for them as a company, they are easy to use and have an army of people ready to help you out with problems and that’s just forums without contacting their own teams. I would not hesitate to use an Arduino in my company’s IOT projects and you can almost guarantee that I will have a Pro embedded somewhere in my company’s process in the near future.

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