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4 Tips to Keep Older People Safe at Home

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

If you are worried about the personal safety of yourself or your loved ones at home, there are some simple steps to take that will increase your peace of mind. Everybody would like to stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible, and with the aid of technology and new innovations, this is becoming easier.

1. Install assistive technology

This involves telecare devices that send a warning to an appointed carer or call centre when a trigger incident is detected. This could be a fall, fire, flood, or a gas leak. The vulnerable person could also wear a pendant or wrist device to arrange assistance in an emergency. They could also wear a GPS tracking device or movement sensor.

2. Make the bathroom safe and accessible

Washing and personal care can be one of the major obstacles faced by an older person wishing to remain independent. Climbing in and out of the bath or shower cubicle presents the risk of slips and falls. Consider installing a walk-in bath or bath seat, and grab rails. Another good solution is a wet room which eliminates the need for a shower tray.

3. Risk assess the stairs

The stairs are a hazard for elderly people who may have poor eyesight and balance. Make sure there are adequate rails fitted, and secure any loose rugs or carpets. If mobility is a serious issue, consider installing a domestic stair lift.

4. Improve home security

The older person will have much greater peace of mind if an intercom system is introduced, and they can see who is at the door via a camera or smart phone before opening it. If family or friends check in regularly, you could install a smart key access system, which is operated from a phone, or a key safe box.

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