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4 Home Security Tips For Students

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

With the impending start of the new academic year, there are so many other concerns with the coronavirus pandemic that home security might not be at the front of many freshers minds.

But with many students moving to cities that have high crime and burglary rates, it’s time to give home security for your student digs a little more thought. So have a read of our five essential basic home secret tips for your first (or second, or third) year at university.

1. Get good insurance

While most of these tips are about preventing crime, being prepared for if the worst does happen is also essential. Never assume that you are covered by your university insurance in halls of residence or that your parents’ home contents insurance.

Always check if you are covered, and what you are covered for - it may not include things such as bikes, or your laptop while you’re out and about on campus.

2. Lock doors and windows

A simple task, but one often neglected while students are busy in communal areas, or just popping out to the shop or see a friend. In the time it takes to go borrow notes from a fellow student, an opportunistic burglar could be in and out with your TV or laptop.

Always remember to close windows and lock your bedroom door on your way out for a night out. Are you certain that the last person out locked the door to the flat? Keep any valuables out of sight and out of reach from the window, and ensure ground floor windows have locks.

3. Invest in basic home security tech

Do not rely on the university or private landlords to provide any security measures, and investigate and invest in some simple tech you can take with you to level up your home security.

4. Don't show it off

Burglary is risky, and thieves are more likely to take that risk is they know there is something worth stealing in the property. Keep all valuables, bikes, computers, game consoles out of sight, even locked away. Close curtains or blinds during the day, and maybe leave any valuables you do not need at university at home with your parents.

If you are interested in an Ajax home security starter kit, get in touch today!

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